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Calico Reaction

Kushner, Ellen: The Privilege of the Sword

The Privilege of the Sword
Writer: Ellen Kushner
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 459

I would've probably been better off not reading this book, as I never really WANTED to, but it ended up being part of a list for a personal reading challenge I set for myself, so go figure. No, I wasn't enamored of even very much engaged by this novel, even though it has ingredients I should've sunk my teeth into (gender reversal, sexual freedoms, etc).

The premise: Katherine is a well-bred country girl hoping to live every girl's dream of marrying well and fitting into society. But her uncle is known as the Mad Duke, and the Mad Duke suddenly decides to giver her and her family the offer of a lifetime: he'll return to them the family fortune, if only Katherine will come to live with him for six months. Oh, and learn how to use a sword.

I can't help but suspect that my lack of reading Kushner's other books set in this world greatly diminished my enjoyment of this one, but I will warn potential readers that this book lacks recognizable fantasy conventions, and the only thing that makes this particular book worthy of the genre is the fact it's a fictional, secondary world.

The full review's in my journal, in anyone's interested. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.


Happy Reading! :)
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