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feministfantasy's Journal

Women and fantasy
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Fantasy has long been reguarded as a genre for children, or men, and even though it is now widely accepted that women both read and write fantasy, it is something that isn't always recognisble. Female authors of fantasy rarely become the 'big names.' Female readers of fantasy often find that there are very few female characters that they can relate to, that there are few truly strong female characters in fantasy books. And, my personal rant, we often find that there is an excess of rape and abuse towards those female characters, that is often needless (as it adds nothing to the plot or the characters) and overall graphic, with no thought given to the consquences this event has on the victim or the rapist, it is just there for shock.

So, after a few discussions with people in other forums, where i was told that violence towards women in fantasy is ok because its based on medieval society (despite there being no dragons and magic in medieval society) or that i should just ignore it as its only a story, i decided that i should start this community. I was encouraged even further by discussions with people where the strong female character in a book is usually hated, and the one that everyone favours is the female character that acts more like a man! This made me realise just how negatively or indifferently people reguard the position of women in fantasy and that i wanted to have somewhere i could discuss this.

It doesn't have to be all heavy, you're welcome to talk about any issue you want reguarding the position of women in fantasy, or female writers. Rant about writers you think treat women badly, praise those you think did a good job, recomend writers to other members, anything you want really. Both men and women are welcome.

Only two rules:
1. No flamming people who disagree!
2. And stay on topic. This is about the potrayal of women in fantasy, and female writers, it is not a place to discuss general feminism, mostly because i know so many people have a different idea of what that is and i dont' want things to get out of hand with that sort of discussion. There are plenty of general feminism communitys for that sort of thing.

some useful links:
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WisCon http://www.wiscon.info
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http://www.tiptree.org/ This award is give out to science fiction or fantasy that expands gender.